Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Strict Victorian Governess.

Dealing with a wayward Miss the proper Victorian way.

Erotic Story: Her Victorian Bottom Shared part 3.

In front of a roaring fire that kept the crisp coldness of a December morning at bay, Lizzie turned the page of her special book and continued to read the words of Miss Asher:

"It was with a sudden moment of clarity that I found the very thought of bending over a Gentleman's knee quite the most thrilling thing ever. The idea of submitting myself to the firm administration of a dominant personality gave rise to many a frothy day dream that spun lewd tales of well spanked or welted buttocks soothed only by a bout of vigorous love making and other acts of ill repute. That punishment should lead to such soulful satisfaction is a most peculiar thing to ponder.."

And a most peculiar thing it was to ponder mused Lizzie for it was a notion that had whispered to her for many a year due to an experience she had witnessed when the first flush of puberty formed the color of her character. She had been a girl of 14 and had witnessed one of the maids of an elderly relative being dealt with by a firm hand across her naked bottom as she bent over a high chair in the study. The sound of flesh upon flesh had brought her curiously peeking through the keyhole as her grand Uncle Robert stood lecturing the poor girl on her lack of attention before ordering her to lift her skirts, pull down her pantalettes and present her quivering derriere to two whole minutes of a slapped bottom as governed by the ornate clock on the mantelpiece above the fire. The girl had blubbed some excuse or t'other but complied meekly for arguing with your employer was not a wise decision to make if one wished to remain in their employ.

Once bent over, her Uncle stood to one side, rolled up his sleeve, and began to spank the maid's arse with a resounding vigor that echoed around the room. Lizzie gasped as her heart skipped and danced in her chest as she watched the punishment unfold. No warm up this; the first spank was as sound as the last and the maid bucked and stamped her feet furiously as hard slaps flattened each cheek leaving a rosy hand glow in its wake. The girl squeaked and squealed as her arse took on the shade of an over ripe tomato and her pleading for mercy fell on deaf ears. As the second minute passed, her Uncle stepped back to admire his efforts as Lizzie gathered her wits as she peered at the drama through the keyhole.

To her innocent astonishment, her Uncle suddenly stepped behind the weeping girl as she lay recovering and, heavens above, began to unbutton his pants before pressing up against her rear. Lizzie gasped as the maid yelped in surprise and, such was her shock, Lizzie stumbled back and ran up the stairs to her guest room where she lay on her bed in a state of bemused wanton excitement at what she had just witnessed for the rest of the afternoon. And thus was the act of spanking added to the nature of her own sexuality.

Lizzie smiled at the memory. Her late Uncle Robert had always been the rapscallion of her extended family line. Many a tall tale was told about his wandering ways and eager eye for the ladies. That Lizzie knew her Uncle was a spanker merely added to the color of his character and on each meeting she always greeted him with a secret knowing smile. Many a time she had dreamed what it would have been like to submit herself and her bottom to that firm hand of his. Each of those dreams had always ended with her rubbing her sex until, with the last imagined spank struck, she climaxed wetly in the most delicious way.

And now, here she was about to experience her most inner secret for real with Mr and Mrs Chambers the next day.


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Swell's Night Guides.

Nudge nudge wink wink for the Victorian man about town.

Some info: "Swell’s Night Guides were guidebooks for the fashionable man-about-town, and probably published in the 1830s and early 1840s. The books described the clubs, pubs and bars in which prostitutes were to be found. One lists theaters, noting their advantages and drawbacks for a man of pleasure: those in which the doormen would let men behind the scenes to meet the dancing-girls, those that had boxes with locks on the doors, and so on.  
There were also addresses for ‘Introducing Houses’, where women waited for clients. Some were just the upstairs rooms of pubs, while others masqueraded as respectable businesses, with a brass plaque – the sign of the professional middle-classes – on the doors claiming the house was a doctor’s, or a milliner’s, or a dressmaker’s. The Guides were horrifyingly blunt about what was to be found there, and about the ways in which men regarded the women. At Mme Matileau’s establishments, in Soho and Kensington,
nothing is allowed to get stale... you may have your meat dressed to your own liking... her flock is in prime condition, and always ready for sticking; when any of them are fried, they are turned out to grass... consequently the rot, bots, glanders, and other diseases incidental to cattle, are not generally known here. 

The publisher’s address is in the heart of the pornography-printing district, and W West, the printer of one (one other has a fake name, and the third is missing that page), was long-established there. The books are extraordinarily rare today – there appear to be just five surviving in the world. 
The guides followed a tradition of such books. In the early 18th century Ned Ward’s The Secret History of London Clubs contained information on a ‘Bawds’ Initiating Club’, and the notorious Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies was published for at least three decades between 1764 and 1788, giving names, addresses, prices and descriptions of prostitutes. In the more decorous 19th century, this type of book became rarer – rarer, but it never quite vanished."

A Little Victorian Spanking.

Warming the memsahib up before the main event!

Those Good Victorian Vibrations.

Beaver Moon Vibrator Corp huh....

Victorian Erotica: Lolita Magazine #10

Nice themed cover. No idea when this was published.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

"Hysteria" Movie Trailer.

Dealing with whatever takes the Victorian ladies fancy.

Female Hysteria and the Victorian Vibrator.

Demonstrating how to use the vibrator.

In the Victorian age, vibrators were initially developed as a medical device to aid in the treatment of the condition known as female hysteria. According to this invention, ‘paroxysm’, known today as ‘orgasm’, was induced through manual massage of the external genitalia by physicians in order to help relieve symptoms of stress or the "vapors" when a woman was in her monthly cycle.

The first vibrators were steam powered, and by the turn of the twentieth century, a handheld electronic version had been developed to assist with various feminine needs. Vibrators soon moved from the doctor’s office to the home, with personal versions advertised in the Sears Roebuck catalog as “beauty aids
.” But they also became more widely used and popular as a stimulant sex toy.

Steam powered vibrator.

A focus on health cloaked the connection between vibrators, orgasm, and female sexual desire, but, by the 1920s, this illusion was shattered due to their use in early pornographic films. By the 1950s, female hysteria was no longer considered a medical condition.